Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hmm... Tuna Pot Pie?

Recently, I tried making a new pie variant. Since my dad is a bit allergic to chicken, I used tuna instead. Although baking incorporates a lot of science and math, it’s not necessarily a nerdy experience. It can be really fun, specially when doing pies. You can use your creativity by mixing and matching different tastes and textures, anything your taste buds desire.

So anyway, this tuna pie is extremely healthy. No lard. No cream.
First I made a roux, I heated up a few (approx 3) tablespoonful of butter and flour (same amounts), then I put in a couple cups of milk. Afterwards I placed the diced tuna, and also some pineapple to add zest to it, corn for the sweetness and walnuts for the crunch. I also added some curry powder for a much livelier taste.

Unlike the first pie crust I've made, I used corn oil and cold milk instead of butter and water. Surprisingly, this oil pie crust was a lot easier to handle. I’d probably use this technique more often.

Before baking...

After 40 mins of baking in 200C temp...

I learned that it takes a looong while to let the pie settle. Probably around an hour? See, what happens when you get too excited. :P You may opt to place it in the chiller, and reheat it upon consumption.

The taste was definitely exciting with the contrasting flavors blended in the pie. Next time, I might try to incorporate some cheeses and mushrooms.

Thank God for such heavenly treats! :)


  1. Waaaa this one looks so yummy!!! pls teach me how to cook pie next time Joyce dear..

  2. Aww.. thank you momo dear! Sure! Why not, chocnut! :D