Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tropical Chicken Pineapple Curry in Coconut Milk

Yesterday, I got to cook once again! Wee! I was able to feed my dad and Elaine with what I call the Tropical Chicken Pineapple Curry in Coconut Milk. I was more than happy to cook for them, since these two people that I love dearly are very appreciative of my cooking. (I'll cook for you next time, Mom) :)

This recipe is super easy to make. The sauce is simply a blend of coconut milk, evaporated milk and some pineapple syrup. The dish is a healthy treat for the family with its chicken, potatoes, bell pepper and pineapple combo.

If only I had a real coconut husk, the presentation would be even nicer. :)

Elaine, I think, is a very fortunate girl. She gets to taste all (or most of) my new dishes. I think she can smell me from miles away whenever I plan to cook. Good thing, she’s one of my favorite taste-testers! As long as you don’t give her sitaw or baguio beans, she’d love your cooking! Last night, both my dad and Elaine were able to finish this dish. I enjoyed watching them get plenty additional scoops of rice as they savor the gata sauce.

My cousin dearest encouraged me through her simple words “you know Joyce, when I sleep over and you’re not here, I feel like this house is not a home.”

Aww… (*touched* Make sure it's not all about the food. :P But nevertheless,) I love you Elaine!


  1. mitzi is beautiful in and out.and her food tastes great all the time.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement. :)